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Top 15+ ‘The Boys in the Boat’ Quotes

With the popularity rising of The Boys in the Boat movie in 2024 across HBO and engaging conversations on social media like Twitter. We are bringing you the top 10 most savage quotes of Al Ulbrickson from the movie, ‘The Boys in the Boat’.

In HBO’s “The Boys in the Boat,” Joel Edgerton brings the character of Al Ulbrickson to life with remarkable depth. Turner’s portrayal captures Joe’s resilience and determination, making him an unforgettable character. Throughout the film, Joe’s journey is marked by profound moments and powerful insights, encapsulated in his memorable quotes. Let’s delve into some of the most impactful quotes from Al Ulbrickson, portrayed by Joel Edgerton, in this gripping story.

Al Ulbrickson in The Boys in the Boat is played by Joel Edgerton. These badass Joel Edgerton quotes from HBO’s The Boys in the Boat are handpicked by us. No alterations have been made to these quotes and sayings. You can also read more TV Series quotes from our page.

Top 10 Quotes from ‘The Boys in the Boat’

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So, without further ado, let’s get into the best Al Ulbrickson quotes from the 2023 The Boys in the Boat.

Most Savage Joe Rantz Quotes From ‘The Boys in the Boat’

There are some moments in life… you never forget.

Joe Rantz

They didn’t understand who we were.

Joe Rantz

Al Ulbrickson Quotes From ‘The Boys in the Boat’

Each seat on the boat has its own purpose. Like eight separate parts of one great racehorse.

Al Ulbrickson

Everybody else tires and they just get stronger.

Al Ulbrickson

Eight-man crew is the most difficult team sport in the world. The average human body is just not meant for such things. It’s just not capable of such things. But average is not gonna get a seat on my boat.

Al Ulbrickson

It isn’t easy to trust every other person on that boat as much as you trust yourself. But it’s not about you. As good as you are, it’s not about you, or me, or anybody else. It’s about the boat.

Al Ulbrickson

Row for your country. Row for each other. Row for that one moment when everything that’s stacked against you can take a back seat.

Al Ulbrickson

Athletes should be rewarded for performance. No politics, no adjusted scoring or selection based on wealth and standing. May the best man win.

Al Ulbrickson
Athletes should be rewarded for performance. No politics, no adjusted scoring or selection based on wealth and standing. 

joel edgerton quotes the boys in the boat, al ulbrickson quote

Fellas, you’ve earned this. They don’t give gold medals for style. All that matters is how fast you are on the water. And nobody here is faster.

Al Ulbrickson

Technique is more important than power. You have to be able to pull a perfect oar, stroke after stroke. It’s called swing. When all eight are rowing in such perfect unison that no single action is out of sync with the rest of the boat. Then you aren’t fighting each other. You’re moving with less effort. Each one of your strokes is worth one and a half of the other boat’s. Most crews never find it. But when they do, rowing is more poetry than sport.

Al Ulbrickson

George Pocock Quotes From ‘The Boys in the Boat’

I’ve built a lot of good boats, but the best ones, the boats where every part fits exactly as it should, where every man trusts the one behind him, they are the boats people remember forever.

George Pocock

Sometimes young horses need a louder jockey.

George Pocock

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