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Top 25+ Dark Humor Knock-Knock Jokes Ever to LOL

Everyone likes to have a laugh, but some people prefer the humor to be a little twisted. This sort of humor or sarcasm is known as dark humor or twisted humor.

We have seen an increase in the popularity of dark humor knock-knock jokes on the Internet. So this time we are bringing you a top 25 of the most reacted, twisted humor or dark humor, knock, knock jokes that we found on the social media sites such as Facebook, Reddit, Quora, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

These twisted humor knock-knock jokes are not our own. Be honest, we try to find the of owners all the authors of these jokes, but unfortunately, we could not sure if you know the author kindly let us know in the comment section so we can give the credits to the proper author.

Our favorite Dark Humor Knock-Knock Jokes

Without further ado, let’s get into the list of our favorite dark humor Knock knock jokes for the morbid person.

1. Knock knock
Whose there
Your dad
But my dads dead
I know, just reminding you

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2. Why did Sally fall off the swing?
Because she had no arms.
Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Not Sally.

3. Knock knock
Who’s there?
Little boy blue
Little boy blue who?
Michael Jackson

Our favorite Dark Humor Knock-Knock Jokes boo who reddit
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4. Knock knock
Whose there?
Bill Cosby
Bill cosby who?
Never mind, I’ll come back when you’re sleeping.

5. Knock Knock
Whose There?
Whose There?
Oh, that’s right I don’t have a house.

6. Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to the ugly person’s house

Knock knock
Who’s there?

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7. Knock knock?
Who’s there?
Not someone who will get you laid.

8. Why did Raven fall off the swing?
Because she had no arms.
Knock knock
Who’s there?
Not Raven

Our favorite Dark Humor Knock-Knock Jokes reddit
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9. Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Some who?
Some a*shole talking to a knock-knock joke.

10. Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Centipede who?
Centipede on the Christmas tree.

11. Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Ben who?
Shut up, Shut up, and Bendover!

12. Knock knock.
Who’s There?
Dewey who?
Dewey have to use a condom every time?

13. Knock Knock 
Who’s there? 
Aldo who?
Fine, Aldo you! 

14. Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Etch who?
Bless you, friend.

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15. Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Mustache who?
I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later.

Having a dark sense of humor is not an uncommon thing. It’s very common. so if you have a dark sense of humor, do not be alarmed, it’s very natural. And we ourselves think that these sorts of jokes are the funniest, would you agree? Let us know in the comments section

Also if there are any twisted humor, knock, knock jokes that we have missed yet are very funny kindly let us know in the comments section. We will try to add them to the list above. Have a good day and keep sharing.