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The Smart Wife

Sujata loved her kind-hearted husband, Madhav. Although poor, Madhav was a generous man. Every day he would bring guests home for lunch. Often, the couple would go hungry after serving guests.

Absent-Minded Hodja

Advertisements Nasruddin Hodja was absent-minded. One day, he set out on his donkey to visit a friend. “Have a safe journey,” said his wife. “Do not leave your belongings somewhere and return without them,” she cautioned him. Hodja nodded his head and left. On the way, Hodja met some friends. He got off the donkey …

Back To School

Advertisements I am a primary school teacher. Do you know that even teachers attend classes from time to time? We become students and learn from senior teachers! In one such class, I met a senior teacher, Mrs. Sasikala. She was a kind person and was a good teacher. She was part of the Municipal Department …