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The Secret Is Out – Bedtime Stories

Baluram’s neighbor, Lallu, was a drummer. His band had been invited to give a performance in the palace the next day. Unfortunately, Lallu’s old drum was broken. Baluram advised his friend to make a new drum.

Lallu needed wood to make the barrel. The next day, he went to the forest in search of wood. On the outskirts of the city, he found an old tree which was hollow.

He cut the wood neatly, so that the hollow could serve as the barrel. He got the drum ready just in time for the royal performance.

Lallu went straight to the palace where other members of his band had already assembled. The King arrived. He looked old and tired. His tummy was huge.  He sat on the throne and signaled the band to begin.

The show began with drumming.

“Dum, dum, dum,” came the sound, loud and clear from the new drum.

Then all of a sudden, a strange sound started coming out of the drum:

“Our king has a horn on his head,

The king has a horn on his head,

A horn, the king has, our king has …

A horn on his head.”

Shell-shocked Lallu abruptly stopped beating the drum.

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There was another person in the audience who was shaking with fear. Baluram realised that his friend Lallu had made a new drum out of the same tree where he had shouted his secret!

The audience went quiet. They dared not even to breathe. They were sure the king was upset.

The king slowly stood up. He took off his turban and ran his hand on the small horn growing out of his head.

People watched their king with mixed feeling of fear and fascination. They noticed their king also looked slimmer. His tummy had shrunk! He looked much younger! The horn on the head was so cute!!

Then the king moved. He broke into a dance!

People clapped, as the King signaled to Lallu.

Lallu resumed drumming as the crowd chanted –

We have a unique king!

No one has a king like ours!

He has a horn on his head!

A horn on head!

And a golden heart!!