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30+ Akbar-Birbal Stories in PDF – English Short Stories

In this article, we are giving you 31 Akbar-Birbal stories in english as PDF which will definitely crack you up. Everyone loves to laugh a little in this stressful life. Credits should go to the anonymous creators of these stories. so let’s get into the list of akbar and birbal short stories. Please note that …

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Just One Question

Only-one-question akbar birbal stories wtf detective

A scholar from faraway lands once visits Akbar’s court. He declared that he is a smart one and no one can answer his questions. The scholar challenges Birbal to answer his question and prove that he is the smartest.

Fear or Love?

Fear-or-love wtfdetecive akbar birbal stories

“I think my people love me,” beamed Akbar during his stroll with Birbal in the royal garden.

“You are right your majesty. But people also fear you,” came the reply from Birbal.

Akbar’s Challenge

Akbar’s-challenge wtf detective short stories for evryone

Akbar was once greeted by a consortium of nobles from different parts of the kingdom. They told the emperor that they had come for the position of royal advisor,

The Well

The-well akbar and birbal stories funy wtfdetetcive

Once, a blacksmith bought a well from his neighbor, a farmer. Despite the sale, the farmer continued to draw water from the well.

The Other Guest

The-other-guest akbar and birbal short stories wtf detective

Once, a rich man invited Birbal for dinner. When Birbal arrived at the man’s house, he noticed that there were several people already present.