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10 Scary Short Stories Your Kids Won’t Forget

10 Scary Short Stories Your Kids Won't Forget 1

We’ve pulled together the best kids’ scary short stories for little, and not-so-little ones and added some notes to help you get the most from the tales. Murderer On The Loose A man was lying in bed one evening when he noticed there were lots of sirens in the streets outside. And there was a …

There is no Off Switch – Weird Creepy Short Stories

Weird Creepy Short Stories

EnerTech has announced its latest revolutionary product: The WorkDay Chip. With this product, a person can go a whole work day, and not even know it! It automatically initiates a sleep sequence in the user’s brain, then controls their muscles so that they can do their job while completely unconscious. All of a person’s energy …

Like a Stone – Real Life Creepy Stories From Reddit

Weird Creepy Stories

I’m laying here as motionless as a stone. They don’t suspect anything. That’s the beauty of it. Being perfectly still throughout the centuries has lulled the living into a false sense of security. When billions of corpses behaved the exact same way because of ‘the stillness rules’, it instills absolute confidence we are vacant vessels. …

ABS Road At Night horror stories

He reached the apartment after his work. Time was almost 10 pm. He opened the door, threw his bag on the couch and went to his bedroom.